Two “thumbs up” for Teach for Life as it will give practical tools to school administrators and educators to co-create safe and enriching academic, social, and emotional learning environments.
-Owen Tamamoto, attorney, advocate for social & emotional learning in schools and guest presenter at Hawaii schools

I strongly recommend Teach for Life! as a component to any educator’s professional development plan. The workshop has served our school by helping me develop and cultivate skills that foster communication and deepen relationships with faculty, staff, and parents. My ability to move the school forward has been greatly enhanced by my experience.
-Kendra Toth, Director of Mountain Mahogany School, Albuquerque, New Mexico

I am so grateful to have come upon the Teach for Life-NVC Educators Institute I have felt renewed and supported both in my personal and professional life.
For Montessori Professionals this training is a perfect extension of our Peace Education curriculum. For all educators working in any system any where in the world, this Institute provides invaluable training.
-Wanda Whitehead, Director of Casa di Mir Montessori, San Jose, California

This retreat was absolutely restorative! I’m glad to be introduced to this very wonderful method. I’ve “jumped in the deep end”. Everything was a “wow”…. accommodations, food, rainbows, great hikes, birds, weather, four strong personalities (trainers) modeling how to work together whose commitment to transformation is evident on many levels.

I’ve never felt as well-supported at any retreat, from the organization to the check-ins, to the depth and thoroughness of training.

There was a beautiful weaving of experiences at this retreat… laughter, tears, joy, community and such a full and tender deepening of NVC. I feel I’ve gotten so much more out of this than I imagined.

…a highlight of my experiences at the Institute was to see the transformative power of empathy at the hands of skilled practitioners. I myself, and so many others experienced profound learning and, for many, deep healing in just a few days time.

My satisfaction level was off the high end of the scale for the facilitation of group spirit, support of individuals, and the amount of learning and laughter!

The most valuable learning experience I’m taking away is that play is a way to reconnect with the energy I want to live from. I can use NVC in a way which leads to connection and learning.

I came away with activities to use with children, connection with people who can support me, a plan for presentation to school districts and our school, and ways to practice the NVC process in my life.

The activities enabled me to gain confidence in my ability to embody the spirit of NVC in my relationships. Our daily councils were a powerful way to experience authentic listening and expression. My needs for respect, shared power, mutual contribution were also met by the choices that were continually offered, as well as the shared learning sessions. I enjoyed, and was inspired by, the modeling of shared, respectful leadership.

The institute facilitators demonstrated the use of NVC 24/7 – in play, in difficult processes, in problem solving, in appreciations. I am grateful and excited to have been supported by the group throughout the Institute.

I was able to deepen my understanding and use of NVC (I had opportunities to practice, practice, practice in many different ways.) I was able to connect with other educators desiring to bring NVC to their lives, students, and communities; and I learned what’s happening in other schools/communities from leaders who were so generous and eager to share their experiences, games, products.

I did learn about a new way to communicate and connect with kids. I’ve underlined connect because this is a goal I hadn’t considered but was revealed to me as a rich life-serving aspect of communication. On day 3 we learned about enemy images (a completely new concept to me) and that day was so-o rich for me. Incredible! On that day I began to see how much power I give away, waste, spend reacting to things I thought of as wrong. Instead I’m taking the time to understand myself and others’ needs.

I got to connect with a group of people like never before. This 5 days was full to the brim of learning, “a-ha!”, and connection. It was heart and mind opening. I learned about ways to bring NVC to children – many ideas, games, and mostly the realization that as this lives and blossoms in me, so I pass it on.