Meet Our Trainers

Jared Finkelstein

Teach for Life! 2018 trainer


Jared believes that in a connected world what’s most important is the quality of the connection.  Jared is a consultant and trainer who specializes in communication that transforms conflict into connection. Jared has over 20 years experience in alternative education. A former filmmaker and media educator, Jared taught Media Literacy to youth in Poughkeepsie, NY through the Children’s Media Project, as well as through the Summer Institute for the Gifted, The Randolph School, and the Poughkeepsie Day School. In his years as an educator he has worked closely with children as young as 3 and as old as 21, facilitating hands on experiential learning projects, coupled with character education and community building.  As a Certified Trainer with Center for Nonviolent Communication, Jared offers communication and conflict resolution training to Businesses, Community Organizations, Faith-Based Communities, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Individuals, and Families.  Contact


Jennifer Warnick

Teach for Life! 2018 trainer

Jennifer is a Certified Trainer with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), and a founding director of the Wisconsin Empathy Guild. She is a graduate of the North American NVC Parent Peer Leadership Program, a joint project of CNVC’s Peaceful Families, Peaceful World Project and Bay NVC.

Jennifer works with individuals, families, community groups and organizations who want to make conscious choices about how they live and learn together, and how they manage conflict. She is passionate about creating nurturing, restorative school communities where everyone has the support they need to live in alignment with their deepest values.


Sura Hart – CO-FOUNDER of Teach for Life!

Teach for Life! 2018 trainer


Sura has been working in the field of education for thirty years, as classroom teacher in public and private schools, and director of family programs. A certified trainer with the global Center for Nonviolent Communication, in 2000 she was hired by Marshall Rosenberg to direct a two-year NVC Education Project, which resulted in The Compassionate Classroom book, and Teach for Life! Educators Institute. Sura has continued her work with Teach for Life!, along with: consulting with schools, coaching parents, and sharing Nonviolent Communication throughout the world. She especially enjoys partnering with school communities to create No-Fault Zone™ classrooms and homes where young people and adults learn to communicate clearly & compassionately and to resolve conflicts peacefully. Sura has co-authored, with Victoria Kindle Hodson, three books: The Compassionate Classroom: Relationship Based Teaching and Learning; Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids: 7 Keys to Turn Family Conflict into Co-operation; The No-Fault Classroom: Tools to Resolve Conflict & Foster Relationship Intelligence. She also co-created The No-Fault Zone™ Game, a visual, hands-on tool helping people understand one another, solve problems together and resolve conflicts.
Sura’s website


Jean Morrison – CO-FOUNDER of Teach for Life!


Jean has a masters in Psychology, has been a certified NVC trainer since 1989, and specializes in whole brain learning and thinking, experiential learning, and interactive games. She has developed and facilitated NVC trainings in schools, prisons, business teams, and community organizations in and beyond the U.S. Her private practice supports individuals, couples and families to develop their capacity for compassionate communication and peaceful living.

She has been a lead trainer with Teach for Life! for sixteen years, bringing her enthusiasm for integrating NVC in classrooms for the benefit of educators and especially children.

With colleague Christine King, she co-founded the regional center,, and featuring their games, cards, and books for learning and sharing practices in conscious communication at home, work, and school.


Founders Message:

Teach for Life* Founders Sura Hart and Jean Morrison are happily and confidently “passing the torch” to NVC trainers Jared Finkelstein and Jennifer Warnick who will continue the leadership of Teach for Life. You can now find Sura (  and Jean (; each active in providing consulting and trainings, and enjoying the contribution of writing and producing learning materials.